Industrial change brought about by the development of industrial internet

Issuing time:2018-09-17 07:43

Industrial change brought about by the development of industrial internet


The arrival of every industrial revolution will lead to a number of new formats and new models, bringing about comprehensive changes and developments in products, services and manufacturing. The Industrial Internet represents a new round of industrial revolution, reflecting the deep integration of new information technologies and manufacturing industries, and will also completely change the traditional industrial model and affect the changes in global manufacturing.

Production design begins to turn to virtualization

   Utilize big data, cloud computing and design software technology, and adopt intelligent design system for product life cycle, with the support of virtual reality and database technology, greatly improve the quality of product design and the success rate of new product development. Shorten the product launch cycle, reduce product R&D costs, and improve product market competitiveness.

The trend of mass customization is obvious

The future manufacturing industry, represented by smart factories, realizes the digitization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing equipment, which can greatly improve the function, performance and automation of production systems, and transform manufacturing systems into flexibility, digitization and intelligence. This makes it possible for the factory to use the lowest resource and energy consumption in exchange for optimal product manufacturing. At the same time, the application of a large number of intelligent equipment also enables the robot to replace most of the human labor, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency and quality. The intelligent mode also enables customers to efficiently provide high-quality customized products that meet individual needs, enabling large-scale customized production.

Science provides total solutions

   The deep integration of the two technologies will enable enterprises to achieve collaborative planning and decision-making optimization management in all aspects of the product life cycle, effectively improve the market response speed of the enterprise, and provide customers with the most optimized overall solution. The development of new technologies has made communication between customers and enterprises more effective. The company can fully understand the needs of customers, complete the manufacturing of products that meet the needs on the basis of intelligent production, and at the same time realize self-detection and repair functions and reduce Product operating costs and maintenance costs provide customers with the most optimized

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