Customized furniture unmanned production line - panel furniture industry 4.0

Issuing time:2018-09-17 10:37

Customizedfurniture unmanned production line - panel furniture industry 4.0

For custom furniture, the most popular saying now isIndustry 4.0,

what is furniture industry 4.0, furniture industry 4.0is intelligent production factory, intelligent custom furniture factory iscomposed of intelligent production line and Internet.

Because the furniture manufacturing industry facesmany problems, such as low resource utilization efficiency, high environmentalpressure, and high labor costs, intelligent manufacturing is an inevitabletrend in the future development of furniture. "Industry 4.0" has highresource allocation efficiency, quickly responds to market demand, and reduceslabor costs and logistics costs. So we can apply "Industry 4.0" tocustom furniture manufacturing, and China's furniture manufacturing industrywill be industrial automation, intelligent and The direction of greening isdeveloping.

Furniture factories are mainly based on manualoperations, and they all face a large gap in employment. However, with therising labor costs and the increasing labor shortage, the furniture companiesare forced to make a difference in automation with the help of internal and external resources.

The property attributes of big industry, small businessdetermine that not all furniturecompanies have the will and ability to automate.

As is known to all, for small furniture companies, thecurrent profit margin is being compressed lower and lower, it is difficult forenterprises to have the money to upgrade production equipment and purchaseexpensive automated production lines. As far as the whole furniture industry isconcerned, there are many varieties of products, such as panel furniture,soft-pack furniture, solid wood furniture and hardware furniture, and theirrespective production processes and processes are quite different. Theproduction of each product involves more than a dozen links. It is impossibleto use the automated assembly line all at once, and only the CNC and automationcan be partially realized first. Therefore, automation will not only acceleratethe reshuffle of furniture companies, but also expand the distance betweenfurniture categories, those that are easy to standardize and that are morecompact, and those that have large-scale development capabilities will becomeThe darling of the era of artificial intelligence.

No-man factory is still the development trend of the furnitureindustry. The machine liberates people and makes people engage in creativework. The furniture industry will also be transformed from labor-intensive andbecome a smart industry. This is the trend of the times. However, furnitureworkers do not have to be overly panic. According to the current level ofdevelopment, it will take some time to replace robots with robots on a largerscale; and in the process of transformation, new jobs will emerge, and trainingfor workers to adapt to new positions will increase.

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