China International Hardware Exhibition to launch ceremony was held in the new exhibition hall

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-----A new starting point, new strategy, new pattern, light China International Hardware Show new dream
The bright crystal ball shines bright the meeting place, the honored guest's smiling face, bright bright China International Hardware Exhibition's future.

On September 18, 2014, "China International Hardware exhibition staged in the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) start ceremony" was held at the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. On September 18, 2014, "China International Hardware exhibition staged in the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) start ceremony" was held at the Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. China Light Industry Federation President Bu Zhengfa, China Hardware Products Association of feldspar Portland monk, executive director Zhang Dongli, the all China Federation of industry and Commerce union workers Jianbin, President of hardware electrical chamber of Commerce, China International Trade Promotion Council of light trade promotion Branch Director Wang Zhen and exhibition in Cologne, Germany has limited, president of the Asia Pacific region Derui in Cologne, Germany Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. managing director Feng Xiangjun together, start the symbol of China International Hardware Show reload debut of the crystal ball.

A new starting point, new strategy, new pattern. China International Hardware Show in Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully held the 15th after is bearing the weight of glory and dream, officially staged at the National Exhibition Center in Shanghai Hongqiao.

New start: choose the best to do the best exhibition hall.

"In the best venues, hosting the best exhibition, which is the intention of our choice of venues." Exhibition organizers relevant responsible person said.

According to reports, by the national Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Municipal People's government cooperation to build, with a total construction area of up to 147 million square meters, located at the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Business National Convention Center (Shanghai), is currently the world largest monomer building area and the largest exhibition complex. With 40 million square meters of exhibition hall interior, 10 million square meters of outdoor exhibition and commercial center, office building, hotel, conference and a series of supporting facilities.

Exhibition organizers relevant person in charge in media interview said, Hongqiao National Convention Center (Shanghai) as host of the show, in addition to the pavilion advanced factors and exhibition schedule but also the organizers are more optimistic about the conditions of.

The import and export of China's hardware industry a high degree of dependence, organizers are more optimistic about the October exhibition schedule, but Pudong New International Expo Center 10 years did not meet the requirements and schedule each year are not fixed, this to our exhibition planning publicity bring adverse effects, is not conducive to exhibitors and buyers to exhibitors and procurement plans are formulated. After many efforts to communicate with the Hongqiao exhibition hall, they will give us a great support for the exhibition, to meet our requirements, and promised not to change. This is for the organizers, exhibitors, buyers, professional audience, is a great good news." Exhibition organizers relevant responsible person said.
It is understood that in 2015 China International Hardware Fair will be held in October 2015 21 - 23 at the Hongqiao exhibition hall 4.2, hall 5.2, hall 6.2, hall 7.2, hall 8.2, hall, and the West exhibition hall, the exhibition area will reach 150 thousand square meters.

"China International Hardware Show in 2008 exceeded 10 million square meters, ascension ceased to focus area, but the exhibition focus on enhancing the exhibition content and quality of service. 2015 exhibition, although the area is expected to reach 150 thousand square meters, but this is not our value, we do not pursue the area of the first, we want to pursue the exhibition's brand reputation and to create value for exhibitors. This is also the China International Hardware Exhibition other exhibition, and in the future to adhere to the idea of adhering to." China Hardware Products Association executive director Zhang Dongli said.

New strategy - professional exhibition division to provide professional exhibition service

China International Hardware Show has been called the exposition is the industry's most comprehensive: tools, construction hardware, fasteners, DIY, locks, security products, mechanical and electrical products, processing equipment, kitchen cabinet, electric kitchen, bathroom and kitchen accessories products manufacturing, a large number of hardware exhibits gathered at the exhibition. In the dazzling exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things at the same time, but also to show the division of inconvenience.

How to make the exhibition hall more reasonable, has been the exhibition organizers to think about solving the problem. In the exhibition hall moved to the Hongqiao after, because of Hongqiao Pavilion Museum distribution more reasonable, so partition difficult objective questions will be resolved.

According to the exhibition organizers, 2015 China International Hardware Show will be for the International Pavilion, tool library, construction hardware Museum, lock hall, kitchen and hall five major thematic museum. Professional exhibition hall will be divided into buyers and professional visitors to visit, procurement brings great convenience. Organizers will be held in the Museum of the corresponding forum, activities, to provide a more professional and attentive service.

Products involved in the hardware industry, industry, enterprise, through dividing the topic museum, integration of resources of the exhibits in the exhibition, the integrity is strong, and convenient to visit the procurement, although seemingly simple, but is exposition on the strategic level. " Shi Senglan said

The new pattern of the exhibition organizer duties

China International Hardware Show is a large exhibition in division of labor of the most successful examples: China National Hardware Association and exhibition in Cologne, Germany for many years the tacit cooperation, show to bring the influence and prestige, is the cornerstone of successful exhibition; Beijing Rui Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai, tool development Co., Ltd. as the organizer has been responsible for a lot of practical work, for the continued prosperity of the exhibition contributed to the, is the successful exhibition of pillar.

According to reports, the new pattern of exhibition in 2015 will appear in the "same" and "change". "Change" is refers to the exhibition organizers, support units, hosted service units, e-commerce partners close cooperation relations remain unchanged, "change" is a show hosted the fluttering Division will change, Beijing Rui Exhibition Co., Ltd. will undertake architectural hardware, locks, kitchen and bathroom in the breeze, Shanghai, tool development Co., Ltd. will bear all the tool booth in the breeze.

Insiders said that the clear division of side direction in the breeze to undertake to avoid due to work cross brought the waste of resources and internal friction, the breeze for the unit to pay full attention to their booth sales within the scope of their duties. Breeze, a new pattern of determined, thanks to two contractors units of the generous and understanding and benefit will be many hard to cultivate the exhibition.

China International Hardware Show has been known as the "benchmark" of the hardware industry ". Under the new situation, the exhibition organizers does not rigidly adhere to the achievement in the past has been made, but conform to the situation under the new strategy, the new pattern, make the exhibition stand in a new starting point, active innovation and change. Through the exhibition service industry, leading the industry, which will also Chinese International Hardware Show the sustainable development and lay a solid foundation. We have reason to believe that the China International Hardware Exhibition will make greater achievements and glory in the future.

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