Company Profile
Basic Situation

Shenzhen Sunmy Hardware co., a fast growing company which built up in 2006, specialized in Injection Molding, Stamping, CNC machining, Turning, Milling parts.

We serve customers in a variety of industry segments including electronics, telecommunications, industrial electronics, automotive components, mobile terminals, medical, and so on.


Factory site more than 9000 square meters,200 employees.

We have 36 molding equipments 140 ton-480 ton, all with

automatic robot arms, advanced equipments/EDM for tool

build, and cleanroom pad printing line. Plus, we provide     

value-added secondary operations: ultrasonic welding, heat

staking, metalizing, and etc.In addition,We have 30 Stamping

equipments 110  ton-1200 ton,with 60 CNC machining center

(4 axis,5 axis),30 milling equipments, 23 Automatic lathes,and

some other Cutting, Drilling, Laser Cutting

Quality Assurance

SUNMY is committed to continuous advancement in

manufacturing techniques and striving for zero defects,

ensuring our priorities of excellent service and customer

satisfaction will be achieved.

All staff in line with "customer first, quality service" concept of

production, sell the products direct to the United States,

Europe and southeast Asia and other countries.

SUNMY is a design, production and selling of development-oriented enterprise with own culture,machines and work-er technologies.Our teams have more than 12 years relationship.

SUNMY is getting a good credit all over the world. Provide customers with reasonable price, good quality products a-nd services. Improving the competitiveness of the market and being your most trustworthy supplier, which are the goals ​that we need to strive for.

Phone : 0086 15013628255
Tel : 0086 75533941510

Add : Building C2, Zhigu, Deshengchang, No.6, Xiawei Industrial Road 1, Guanhu Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China  518110